Marc Marquez will be 2017 MotoGP Champion

There is so much to say about MotoGP this year. I have been so busy I have not written nearly as much as I have in years past.  What I really want to discuss is MMarquez and his domination this year.  I truly feel that his win this year is so much more impressive than his first premier class win which as pure luck, and not as deserved as his second year in which he totally dominated.  Marc’s second year was as much about the bike and the last year of Honda’s electronic package which was so much better than anything in the field that it assisted the rider to an extreme level.   I argued then that many riders would have challenged if MotoGP were like the lower classes and everyone shared the same motor or electronics. The eight winners this year demonstrate how much more competitive the field is with the shared electronics.

My prediction that MMarquez would take the title was fulfilled, but that by itself is nothing special he was clearly the favorite.  Marquez’s crashes last year stopped his championship run, but next year will see him champion again, of course you can say you heard it here first.  You may ask why am I so confident?  The answer is quite simple… besides the fact that Marc is a very talented rider, there is something else… the only people capable of challenging him are Rossi, Vinales, and Lorenzo.  No one else on the grid has any hope of collecting the championship.  There might be some random winners throughout the season, but for consistency and total points I believe it will come down to Rossi and Marquez.  Lorenzo will suffer the fate of all Ducati riders… difficulty, misery and pain.  Maverick will win podiums, but he will fall behind his team mate.

This leaves Rossi and Marquez to fight it out…   Rossi of course is an incredible talent and his skill and strategy will help him.. but he will not be able to stop Marquez.  It is just an opinion.. but supported by sound logic.


PS  … Marc Marquez is not my favorite rider.. not even close… so it’s not a favorites thing


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