Spielberg Red Bull Ring, Road Racing or Drag Racing?


Is Ducati’s Victory that special?

I do not think that the weekends Ducati victory is really a honor.  The  reason is simple.. it is not a road racing victory, but rather a drag racing victory.  I lost count of the number of times that riders made comments about the 10 turn track (really 9 turns) of which it has 3 seriously long straights and one medium length straight.  It was simple a test of horsepower, for which we know well is a Ducati asset.  Ever analyst in the world was predicting a Ducati win… long before the tests at Spielberg.. so why is it a big deal?  Its not.  It is a revenue issue for Dorna and MotoGP.  Austria is a centrally located country allowing people from all over Europe easy access to another event.  It give Ducati a win, and permanently removes them from the concession list, which was very important for all the parties involved.  Dorna has promised to level the playing field years ago, and were allowing Ducati a full factory team to run the concessions they had offered to satellite teams.   This legitimizes Dorna’s work and placates KTM and Red Bull who are major players and sponsors in MotoGP.

If you think I’m wrong.. consider this.. why in the world would Dorna approve a track that is so unsafe, a track designed for cars and not bikes? A track with steel expressway railings around 75% of the perimeter?  A track the riders were afraid to ride on, especially after the un-necessary death of Luis Salom?    I repeat the answer … MONEY.. because money rules the sport, not competition, not rider concerns, corrupt corporate interest.  Sad but true.


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