Rossi and Fans 2016.. Crying Toddlers

Boooohoohoo waaahhhaa….. lol    Casey stoner has hit the nail on the head in his recent tweet.  Stoner says that Rossi has a great opportunity to address his fans and suggest that they respect his competition. Rossi of course being the emotional toddler of the MotoGp paddock will do no such thing.  He still has not admitted to kicking Marquez at the end of last season.  He continues to demonstrate the lowest level of maturity and sportsmanship possible, undermining his entire history as a MotoGp champion.  We have repeatedly smashed Rossi for his failure to apologies and admit his red mist incident.  Much like a Guido from a wanna-be Mafioso family.. the Italian blames this competitors for beating him… thus we call him a toddler.  Will he ever grow up?  Will the Italian public ever grow out of their blind support for this Mussolini of Italian fandom?  We love making jokes.. but in all seriousness.. why should we behave when Italians will not?  At least we have a sense of humor.. another quality the Rossi fans seem to lack.. Now Dorna has failed to address the problem.. instead choosing to avoid instead of confront by asking Lorenzo and Marquez to stay inside and accept extra security.  WTF?  Has everyone lost their minds.. do they expect an assassination?  I wouldn’t doubt it.  Then once the attack actually happens .. only then will Rossi come out and say it was wrong.. and he didn’t want it.. but since he will not do his part to stop it before it happens… It is our opinion that he actually wants someone to try and hurt the riders..  just clearly evil and childish.


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  1. I think it’s less Rossi and more his fans. Not all of them of course, but a lot of them are super hardcore Rossi fans. I’ve seen Lorenzo booed on the podium and after this whole Sepang thing they hate everybody but Rossi. The extra security for Lorenzo and Marquez is ridiculous – they shouldn’t be subjected to that! Either way, Rossi has since addressed everything about his fans, hopefully he can convince them to stop!

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  2. GP_Blogger says:

    I couldn’t agree more… thanks for the comment. 🙂


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