Reaction to Lorenzo’s announcement..

Yes, I wrote the previous article that Jorge was leaving and that Rossi had pushed him out… by playing a psychological game with Lorenzo, a game which he won. See “Rossi has done it again….”

I have been sitting on this story for a couple of days now, as I wanted to really take my time before reacting to the news that Jorge Lorenzo is moving to Ducati in 2017.  My first reaction was disappointment mixed with disgust.  I have been a fan of Jorge’s since before he was a MotoGP world Champion.  I want him to win more championships and I think that would be best accomplished at Yamaha.  In addition I was so disgusted by Rossi last year that I would have reveled in seeing Lorenzo beat Rossi again on the same equipment.

Now that a couple of days have passed, I have to say, I can see how hope springs anew for Ducati.  They have had a subpar bike for the last several years and so many quality riders have failed to ride it to victory… even a single victory.  It is my belief that Jorge will suffer the same as past riders.  I say this because I am a realist, not because I want it to happen.  I would love nothing more than to have Jorge be the first since Stoner to win on the Ducati.  I would say that if he can actually win races and ultimately a championship it would prove that he is truly one of the greatest of all time.   It is in this way that Jorge has accepted a challenge for himself that goes above and beyond just winning another championship.

Why would winning on the Ducati mean so much?  It’s simple, so many have failed.  Riders including Checa, Gibernau, Hoffman, Melandri, Kallio, Hayden, Rossi, Dovizioso, Crutchlow and now Iannone have failed to win on a Ducati only Stoner has won in recent history. (The Capirossi 7 wins were at the beginning of the teams history, and the Bayless single win was also a long time ago.)  Why does Lorenzo think that he can do it?  He thinks he is capable.  He must think he can win.  Every champion you can name has that kind of confidence, it is a prerequisite of championship that you have a champion sized ego and this proves that Jorge Lorenzo has one of those.  Hopefully that is enough to make the Ducati win.  But he will have a real battle, a kind of internal battle, that will have little to do with the 2017 Championship. but more about man verse machine.  We wish him luck..


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