World Supersport Assen 2016 Spolier!


Final Edit

The WSS series Assen 2016, has stopped from a red flag due to rain.  The American PJ Jacobsen crashed within seconds of the red flag, and not knowing that he could restart, he spent much too much time walking around and wasting time with the track marshals.  His crew had to come out, and push his bike back to the pit before performing a rushed fix for restart. (A side note..  the tv side panel graphic did was very late to show the position changes.. the director should have an ass whooping’ for that.  When PJ took the lead the side panel did not change for an entire lap, but when he lost it, it changed so fast..>> WTF is that all about. ) Staplefoot was holding strong in third, and Sofuoglu was leading until he was passed by Jacobsen.  How the restart will roll out is anyone’s guess, but Jacobsen was very fast in the wet practice.

20 Minutes later……

The race has rescheduled for a 6 lap wet, extremely short and offering so little time to get a feel.  The start seemed to have Sofuoglu into first but Krummenacher quickly jumped into the front.  PJ Jacobson suffered badly, had a bad start and also went wide in a turn before the end of the first lap.  Gino Rea showed how fast he is at Assen especially in the rain, and easily rolled out into third.  Krummenacher clearly dominated the first wet lap.  Jacobson had fell back but fought hard and passed Smith, a turn later Krummenacher ran off the track and Jacobson moved forward one more spot to third.  Then midway through the third lap Jacobsen pushed hard and passed Rea, and then immediately and  quickly passed Sofuoglu.  Sofuoglu came back but then went wide giving Smith a chance to get in.. Jacobson was just pushing too hard and lost the front and slid off track in a terribly sad circumstance, after what was a great performance.   Going into the last lap Rea and Smith pass to take the front two positions leaving Sofuoglu in third and Krummenacher in 4th.  (Incidentally in the final lap with only 4 turns left the director popped to a camera in the pits, of Smiths wife and baby.. a nice idea but not on the final lap… even the commentators were screaming “not now!!.. back to the racing… what are we doing??”  This director and channel switcher should be fired.  Congrats to the riders, condolences to PJ Jacobsen. )

  1. Smith 2.Rea 3.Sofuoglu 4. Krummenacher

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