WSBK Assen 2016 Race 1. Wow!! Result


My writing may not be the hottest, cleanest or have the best grammar in the industry, but like Michael van der Mark, I have enthusiasm.  I first thank you for taking the time to stop in and hear my opinions.

With race one of the 2016 Assen Superbike race over, I am standing and clapping.  While van der Mark crashed his performance made this race the highlight of the racing season to date.  Nicky Hayden also showed an incredible performance.  I applaud the Honda team, mechanics managers and of course the riders.   I knew that vdM had the ability and the desire to do well, and he literally was pushing his Honda to its limit.  The fact that Hayden was able to stay with the leaders all the way till the end too was a joy to see.

My prediction for the race was mostly right on target.  I had Rea and Davies as one two..  my third of Giugliano or van der Mark was off as they both crashed, but their performances were solid.  My prediction for Guintoli was right on… he had a bad start just as I knew he would and fell back by the end of the first lap.

I stand by my statement that Davies is the #1 contender and Sykes just behind him.  I can easily see the final championship result with these three in that order.  The way things are going Hayden will be challenging his teammate in each and every race the young van der Mark would do well to beware.

The podium interview too were good, and revealing.  Nicky was modest and professional,  Chaz was brutally honest as he described his difficulties with the front tire, and Jonathan also talked about his surprise after having struggled in practice and having no base set up..  I mentioned earlier in the season that WSBK is setting the standard for good clean racing, as well as the highest quality of sportsmanship.


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