Gentleman Dani: Pedrosa Leader By Example


With round three now history we can look back and reflect on the race and its happenings.  Marc Marquez won the race as was expected.  His dominance over the entire week would only have been undone by a crash.  He showed how dominant he truly was and also demonstrated his determination and fearlessness for the coming season.  While the new Michelin tires may be challenging the rest of the field, Marquez’s slip sliding style seems only slightly hampered by the fledgling tires.  It is this writers opinion that he will continue to dominate the season much as he did in 2014.  Lorenzo and Rossi may still challenge him for the overall title, but they too are going to struggle with the limitations of the season including tires, stock ECU and interpersonal conflict.

While Marc is leading the championship the echo’s of Malaysia still hamper the atmosphere in the stands and between the riders involved.  Dani Pedrosa however, is leading the championship is sportsmanship.  Marc may be leading the point count, but Dani is a leader of people.  True leaders can quickly recognize another leader when they see one.  Dani may not even consider himself a leader, but when a person demonstrates how to act, he is in fact leading by example.  This is the lesson we want other riders to learn, especially riders in Moto2 and Moto3.  When a rider acts in a polite and civil manner as Dani did we can feel pride in our sport.  When one rider kicks another rider or tires to run another rider off the track, we are ashamed and angry, as we should be.

When there is competition between team mates, be it Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati or Honda we expect the competition to be clean, fair and fierce.  Once off track we expect them to shake hands and act like gentlemen, we expect them to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and tact.  We all understand that drama off track seems to make money for the promoters, media and aligned interests, but at the Grand Prix level we can do without the pre-Madonna’s, diva’s and soap opera queens.   Here is hoping that other riders will recognize the class act that is Dani Pedrosa and emulate his fine qualities.


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