Dear Jorge Lorenzo: Why go to Ducati?

Translated Version.

Dear Jorge,

I wanted to take a moment to address the rumors that you are moving to Ducati. Of Course, no one knows what is better for you than you do..but as one of your oldest fans I feel compelled to address the rumors and maybe remind you that….

  1. If it is true… that you want to leave Yamaha and join Ducati to prove that you can do what Rossi never did, which is win a Championship on a Ducati, then I ask why? What will it prove? It won’t actually prove anything because the GP17 will not be the same bike. It will leave room for people to say you have the better bike, which I doubt will be the case.  Also, Yamaha is just better at the technology and bike building and has proven that over the years.
  2. About the Ducati, there is a reason that no-one can win on the Ducati, not once single race since Stoner left. It’s simple, the bike is not good. How many riders need to say it before people will believe it?  The list of riders saying it sucks is long, Rossi, Crutchlow, Dovi, Hoyden, Spies and even Stoner have all said that the Ducati is a mystery and has a variety of problems. Stoner was able win a Championship on it..but only once and the bike seemed to get worse and worse since then. Even if you went to Ducati for two years and didn’t win,  you might still be young enough to go to another team, if they would take you. But, and this is important, what if you get hurt, remember the Americans Ben Spies and Nicky Haden.  Ducati is a career ender. The risk of crashing is so high you risk getting an injury that will prevent you from ever winning another Championship. Both were excellent riders who had their careers cut short by Ducati, Nicky with a wrist and Ben with a shoulder.  It’s bad enough if you try and can’t win, but if you crash over and over again it’s just a matter of time before you receive an injury you cannot repair or heal from. Stay away from the Ducati, its hexed.
  3. Corner Speed…. Everyone has seen how the Ducati has increased horsepower over the last two years, but that power is good for a straight line only. Your strength is in the turns, your corner speed is incredible and the Yamaha suits your style. The Ducati on the other hand has proven to be unstable in the turns.  Dovi for example is a great rider who is also stable and fast in the turns, he cannot win even one race in all the years he has been in Ducati.
  4. The way to prove your best in sport bike racing is always been the same, beat your teammate on the same equipment. Even now if Bradley Smith beat Pol Espargaro over and over again, do we not judge that..if Marc beats Danny again and again do we not judge that scenario? We do. Just beat Rossi free and clear by winning as many races as you can and everyone will know you are better than him.  Head towards winning 10 Championships, or for that matter just beat Marc.  Because in all actuality Marc is the real challenge in the coming years, as Rossi simply is too old to be a threat for much longer.

Many people are saying that you are going to the Italian team because of Rossi’s poor sportsmanship last season and because you dread the idea of working alongside him for two more years.  Rossi would say anything, try any reverse psychology to get you to go, he obviously thinks getting you out of his way will result in his next championship.  Do not let him manipulate you.


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