MotoGP & WSBK 2017 (with a touch of BSB and MotoAmerica)

We welcome you to our blog.. is is mostly opinion and not a blog that repeats race results, or gives racing updates.  There are plenty of news sites that report what happened and who did what.  This blog is about the racers, the strategies, the organizations, the incidents and another other aspect of racing that are open to speculation and discussion. We hope that you will join our email list and get access of a variety of additional specials and web links to important and current video and news.


After a shocking lack of sportsmanship demonstrated by Rossi in the final part of the 2015 season seemed to not effect most of the 2016 season.  So what do we expect for 2017?  We expect fans of Rossi to continue to boo and hiss and demonstrate equally bad taste anytime Marquez or Lorenzo take the stage or podium especially in Malaysia.  We expect their to be tension between Maverick and Rossi as Maverick wins more races and challenges Rossi’s attempt to win his tenth championship.

We expect that Marquez will continue to dominate, although some of the test has shown that he will have a many riders challenging him.  We expect to see Suzuki and Tech-3 to get more podiums and perhaps even a few wins this season.  I personally expect Tech 3 to really be a deciding factor in the championship as they take points from other riders.  I expect that Ducati will struggle to match their performance in 2016 and their high hopes for Lorenzo will go unfulfilled.  I am looking forward to the middle of the pack competition with KTM, Pull and Bear and the new Aprillia teams fighting for positions.

The wild cards this season are going to be Crutchlow and Pedrosa… they have the skill and equipment needed to upset and disturb the other top riders and to put in genuine challenges for multiple race wins this season.

As always we wish everyone the best and thank you for taking the time to read out opinion blog.




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